A profound and passionate interpretation of the music of the Italian renaissance, reflecting the art, literature and music of a people, place and period - when musicians flourished based on their skill in setting passionate poetry in the present tense to music that contained a measure of art paired with the pulse of the heart.


    A single concert spanning the 118-year reign of the England's Tudor monachs, or as a four-part series exploring the rich musical legacy of this musically gifted clan, all of whom employed legions of important musicians, French, Flemish, Spanish and Italian.


    Shakespeare's Lute book features many of the musical references from the plays, presenting 16th century English songs, ayres, ballads and dance tunes - including both historical settings and our own new settings of orphan texts matched to music from historical sources.


    This evocative program of sacred polyphony highlights the intense devotional imagery of 16th century Spanish composers including Cristóbal de Morales, Francisco Guerrero, and Tomás Luis de Victoria. Performed as an extended meditation, this program remains one of our most popular.


    Doulce Mémoire presents a selection of French music that bridges the 16th and 17th centuries from the heyday of the Parisian chanson to the rise of the air de cour. Featuring the combination of danceable rhythms and the poets of Les Pléiades, our program draws upon three of our most popular CDs.


    With the music of John Dowland as the centerpiece, this program probes the perfect marriage of poetry and music - with texts both light and dark - from the Golden Age of English lute song. Music by John Dowland, John Danyel, Thomas Campion, Thomas Morley, Robert Jones and others.